Institute Marks Its First Fall Term on Dartmouth's West End with an Array of Activities

The Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society had a busy fall hosting the Dartmouth community and visitors from near and far in our brand-new, highly energy efficient home in Dartmouth's West End Innovation District. We welcomed new and returning students at our Student Open House and Scavenger Hunt;  convened our new Faculty Advisory Board;  launched our Faculty Affiliates program, our new research hubs, our new collaborative educational opportunity, TuckLAB: Energy, and our Building Ambassadors program. We continued to host our New Energy series and our Class of 1972 Speaker Series and hosted Dartmouth's first Energy Week, which featured a faculty Symposium on Climate, Energy and Society, the Tuck Renewable Energy Finance Challenge, and the Dartmouth Energy Alliance's first annual Energy Hackathon. Enjoy some images from the many energy-and-climate-related events and activities from fall 2022. 

September 2022


A young woman sitting down while talking to other young women who are standing
In September, the Institute hosted an open house and scavenger hunt for students to help them get to know the people and programs housed in the Institute building as well as learn more about the facility's energy and sustainability features. Here, Kira Parrish-Penny '24, talks with students about energy efficiency in the building.


A woman stands in front of a class full of students
TuckLAB: Energy, a new partnership with the Revers Center for Energy, Sustainability, and Innovation and the Tuck Undergraduate Office, launched in September 2022. Aimed at Dartmouth undergraduate juniors and seniors, the certificate program provides a multidisciplinary, interactive introduction to the complex socio-technical landscape of energy systems. Throughout the six-week program, students were prepared to manage and lead energy transitions across all sectors of society. Here, Irving Institute Program Manager for Advanced Learning Initiatives Megan Litwhiler leads an En-ROADS Climate Action Simulation, a group role-playing game framed around a mock United Nations summit.


students sitting at a table with a young woman raising her hand to speak
TuckLAB: Energy students


students sitting at a table talking
TuckLAB:Energy students collaborating


A person standing in front of a pink door with students watching
TuckLAB: Energy students learned about energy efficiency with a hands-on session at Dartmouth's Montgomery House. Pictured above, Institute Undergraduate Education and Internship Coordinator Angus McReynolds demonstrates how a blower door test can identify how much air is leaking from a building in order to help improve building efficiency.



A man standing in front of a screen with slides on it
Associate Professor of Earth Sciences Erich Osterberg gave a presentation called, "Climate Urgency without Hopelessness" during the inaugural Dartmouth Symposium on Climate, Energy and Society held during Energy Week.


A person stands at a podium while people at a dinner table listen to him speak
The Dartmouth energy and climate community of faculty, researchers, students, alumni, and friends gathered for a special dinner to celebrate Dartmouth Energy Week.


students collaborating
The Dartmouth Energy Alliance student club hosted its first annual Energy Hackathon, an all-day event in which teams of students collaborated to develop innovative solutions to real-world energy challenges. From gamifying social carbon accounting to incorporating block chain into the smart grid, Dartmouth students offered creative ways to advance sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy futures.


students working at a table and whiteboard
More scenes from the Hackathon


People sitting at a table listening to students standing in front of a lab
Dartmouth faculty and alumni from the energy industry reviewed Energy Hackathon participants' proposals at the end of the day and awarded prizes to the best ideas.


A man standing in front of people sitting at a table
The Irving Institute Advisory Board met in the Institute building during Dartmouth Energy Week. Here, Thayer Professor Lee Lynd gives a short talk on his research around biofuels for the board.



A woman stands in front of an audience in a classroom with slides on a screen behind her
Irving Institute Executive Director April Salas introduces SC Johnson Chair and CEO Fisk Johnson for the fall 2022 Class of 1972 Lecture Series. Johnson spoke about the role of corporations, government, and consumers in reducing ocean plastic pollution. With their 50th anniversary class reunion gift — an endowed lecture series focused on addressing today's great issues in energy, environment, climate, and sustainability — the Class of 1972 has given Dartmouth and the Irving Institute for Energy and Society an exciting new opportunity to explore the similarly complex great issues of our own time. This generous gift will allow the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society to bring experts and leaders from across the energy and sustainability landscape to speak on the critical challenges and opportunities we face today.


An audience listens to a speaker
An audience of Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff listen to Fisk Johnson discuss the problem of microplastics in our environment.


A man standing at a table talking with two people seen from the back
Fisk Johnson speaks with students about his interest in reducing ocean plastic waste after his Class of 1972 talk.