Inclusivity, Equity, and Justice

Background and Context

In our June 2020 "Message on Racial Justice and Energy and Society," the Irving Institute committed to developing a plan to ensure that inclusivity, equity, and justice — implicit in our mission — were made explicit in our work.

"As an Institute focused on preparing future generations of energy leaders, we know that our work is embedded in the struggles for more just and equitable futures for our students. Sustainable energy futures in the U.S. and abroad require leadership that includes Black, Brown, Indigenous, and other people of color and other marginalized groups. We have a responsibility to actively contribute to the realization of these futures. Our mission is to advance energy futures that are affordable, sustainable, and reliable for all people, and that especially includes those whose lives and communities are systematically disadvantaged."

Over the past year, the Institute staff and members of our Advisory Board have worked to develop a plan that articulates our goals and ensures that we remain accountable to them. We are grateful to the many friends of the Institute who reviewed and offered constructive feedback on the plan.

The full plan, "The Irving Institute Inclusivity, Equity, and Justice Roadmap" is now available for public viewing. A summary of our vision and goals can be found here.  We regard this as a living document that we will update, expand, and refine as we continue to learn. We will be posting the rubrics we will use to support how we track and reflect on our goals soon. We welcome your comments, as well. Please share your thoughts via email at