Class of 1972 Lecture Series

Great Issues in Energy, Climate, and Society

War. Protest. Ongoing civil rights struggles. Political instability. The burgeoning environmental movement. An ascendant youth culture. The Dartmouth Class of 1972's college years were marked by complex and rapid change that transformed the way Americans understood themselves and their world. 
With their 50th anniversary class reunion gift — an endowed lecture series focused on addressing today's great issues in energy, environment, climate, and sustainability — the Class of 1972 has given Dartmouth and the Irving Institute for Energy and Society an exciting new opportunity to explore the similarly complex great issues of our own time. This generous gift will allow the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society to bring experts and leaders from across the energy and sustainability landscape to speak on the critical challenges and opportunities we face today. 
Past and upcoming Class of 1972 lectures are featured below. 

Fisk Johnson

A Conversation with SC Johnson CEO Fisk Johnson

An 11/03/22 talk on the role of corporate responsibility, policy, and consumer choices in abating ocean plastic pollution.