New Energy at Dartmouth

New Ideas. New Connections. New Energy.


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Energy and climate change are inextricably linked and intersect with every aspect of society. To meet the urgency of the climate crisis, we need scholars who can fill critical gaps in knowledge and accelerate the translation of research to socially just practice by considering multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder perspectives and working fluidly across boundaries. For emerging scholars, the opportunity to engage with and learn from peers and leaders across a broad range of fields is often limited.

The Irving Institute at Dartmouth's New Energy program connects, empowers, and raises the profile of multidisciplinary, early-stage researchers in energy and climate via:

  • A regular webinar series providing scholars with the opportunity to share their work with multidisciplinary audiences
  • An annual summit that aims to increase the capacity of early-stage energy and climate researchers to accelerate transitions to equitable and sustainable energy systems and a healthy climate via interdisciplinary scholarship and collaboration.
  • Access to a growing network of peers from across disciplines and institutions

About the New Energy Program


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The Irving Institute's New Energy program began in the summer of 2020 as an online series created by Institute Inaugural Director Professor Elizabeth Wilson and colleagues from more than 15 universities across North America and Europe to provide a platform for early-career energy researchers whose ability to travel and share research had been restricted by the pandemic. Since then, the program has hosted more than 50 scholars from around the world to talk about their research and scholarship.

The New Energy series highlights new ideas and perspectives from across disciplines, methodologies, and the globe, featuring topics ranging from off-grid technologies in sub-Saharan Africa, to challenges in deploying lithium ion batteries, to energy justice, economics and finance, machine learning and climate modeling energy systems, and beyond.

Building on the series' enthusiastic reception, the Irving Institute launched the Dartmouth campus-based New Energy Summer Summit in the summer of 2022. With travel restrictions easing and a newly finished, highly energy efficient building ready for visitors, the first cohort of 20 scholars spent three days sharing their work, learning from Dartmouth experts, and building multidisciplinary connections. 
We welcomed our second cohort during the summer of 2023.