Developing the Next Generation of Energy Experts, Leaders, and Citizens

In the classroom and in the field, the Irving Institute works to enhance Dartmouth students' awareness of how energy systems shape and are shaped by the societies they serve. And for students who want to be experts, leaders, and changemakers in energy, we provide opportunities to understand energy's role from multiple perspectives across a range of real-world contexts.

From courses such as ENVS 12: Energy and the Environment and ENGS 19: The Future of Energy, the Irving Institute facilitates and supports instruction that trains energy and society experts. Non-credit classes, like Energy 101, TuckLAB:Energy, and our bootcamps also help build a critical mass of energy-aware students and citizens.

Beyond campus, we connect students with experiential opportunities that ground their education in real-world contexts and promote in-depth, transformative learning. On our Gulf Coast Energy Immersion Trips, for example, students spend ten days touring coastal Texas and Louisiana, visiting extractive and renewable energy sites, and learning about their historical, cultural, economic, and ecological contexts. We also fund student research, unpaid internships, and other professional development experiences through our mini-grant program.

In all of our educational programming, we take a multidisciplinary, civic-oriented, critical-thinking approach, the signature of Dartmouth's liberal arts core, toward fostering energy citizens, leaders, and changemakers.