Building Ambassadors

Meet Our Building Ambassadors

Our Building Ambassadors help welcome visitors into the Institute building, sharing information about the building itself and the energy, climate, and sustainability community that calls the Institute home. During term, you'll find our ambassadors at the desk in the main level atrium or leading building tours. They're always happy to say hello, help you find what you're looking for, or tell you about our beautiful and highly efficient building.

Learn more about them below.

Kira Parrish-Penny '24: Building Ambassadors Manager


Kira Parrish-Penny
Kira Parrish-Penny '24

Kira is from Oakland, California, studying sociology, psychology, and English. She began working with the Irving Institute staff in fall 2021 for a project with Design Corps. In addition to other design work and her involvement with the Irving Building, Kira also works in the Rauner Special Collections library and at the docks with the Ledyard Canoe and Kayaking Club. She likes crossword puzzles, the show Breaking Bad, and sourdough bread (eating, not making). 

Judy Guo '24


Judy Guo '24

Judy is originally from Hanover, NH, and is majoring in engineering modified with economics and minoring in human-centered design. She first got involved with the Irving Institute while working with Design Corps on the logistics of bringing people into the new building. Seeing how energy is at the center of so many things was really exciting and has pushed her to explore more sustainability issues, like learning about the petroleum value chain in the Gulf Coast through an energy immersion trip with the Institute and the Sustainability Office. 

Maddie Benello '26


Maddie Benello '26

Maddie is from Oxford, England and is planning on studying environmental studies. She is interested in working with the Irving Institute because she is really excited by all of the offerings and she wants to be part of a like-minded community. 

Dominic Folkes '25


Dominic Folkes 25

Dominic is a geography major who is excited to work with the Irving institute to support its mission of sustainability and to meet brilliant students and faculty from across campus.

Gannon Forsberg '25


Gannon Forsberg

Gannon is from Bellevue, Washington. He is studying electrical engineering with the intention of working in renewable energy. He says the Irving Institute provides lots of opportunities for him to engage with the energy space outside of the classroom and he is excited to be a part of the team. 

Isabelle Han '26


Isabelle Han

Isabelle is from Vancouver, Canada, and is considering a major in either economics or government. She's excited to work with the Irving Institute to propel energy initiatives into the 21st century.

Emma Lynch '25


Emma Lynch 25

Emma is majoring in government with minors in Spanish and economics of public policy. She is excited to work with the Irving Insitute because she finds it empowering to work with an organization that promotes environmental action that spans beyond taking personal responsibility for our climate impact. Additionally, she runs an environmentally focused website and wants to continue this important work in a new way.

Karson Smith '25


Karson Smith

Karson is studying environmental engineering. She is excited about the sustainable innovation unique to the Irving Institute and all the educational opportunities offered about the future of reliable energy.