Research Hubs

Strategic Research Focused on Critical Climate, Energy and Society Issues

The Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society is launching three overlapping strategic hubs of integrated and applied research, education and engagement, focused on areas of critical impact on climate, energy and society. Hubs will have faculty leads and associated researchers pursuing work related to each hub theme. Learn more about the hubs below.

Innovation in Business, Technology and Policy


offshore wind farm

Technology has a role to play in the energy transition, but it is only as good as our ability to deploy it. The Business, Technology and Policy Innovation Lab explores how we think about policies, economics, markets, and financing structures that 1) promote and incubate innovation; 2) facilitate or accelerate deployment in a way that is affordable and environmentally responsible; and 3) develop stakeholder skillsets critical to supporting the energy transition.

Social Impact in the Energy Transition


workers installing solar panels with city in background

Assessing the societal impacts of both our current energy systems and new innovations is a complex endeavor, especially given disparity among individuals and groups of people. How can we identify and advance solutions that not only benefit large numbers of people, but that promote justice as we transition our energy systems?

Uncommon Dialogues Partnerships


people at a workshop standing and sitting around a table looking at sticky notes

Our energy and society issues affect a diversity of stakeholders, many of whom do not communicate or who have been adversaries. In our changing world, opportunities exist to revisit perspectives and bring together parties to develop creative solutions.