Research in Energy and Climate

The Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society works to catalyze, support and amplify the impact of Dartmouth's climate, energy and society research. By helping to connect different parts of the campus community — from business and engineering to the arts and sciences to medicine — with each other, as well as with a growing global network of partners, the Institute seeks to leverage Dartmouth's strengths in interdisciplinary research to meet the complex challenges of climate change and the energy transition. 

Dartmouth boast over 150 tenure-track and research faculty working on various aspects of climate, energy, and sustainability. Their researchs runs the gamut from carbon sequestration to alternative fuels to climate modeling, from power electronics and energy-efficient business models to energy and climate justice. 

The Irving Institute promotes interdisciplinary research that frames problems — and solutions — in a practical way. The Institute's seed grants seek to break through traditional research silos to enable projects with a fresh take on energy challenges and projects that lead to implementable climate solutions.  

Dartmouth and Irving Institute Research Highlights


in energy and climate seed funding distributed since 2018

>150 Faculty and Researchers

working in climate and energy

Early Leader

in Environmental Studies (1970)

100 Courses

related to energy and climate

~ 1,200 Patents Granted

across Dartmouth College

> 50% of Engineering Faculty

have startup businesses