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The energy system of the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly in the developed world, is largely responsible for the climate change we see today.

Transforming energy systems is not just about changing the source of fuel or disseminating new technology, although both of those clearly play a role.  It is also about recognizing where the negative impacts of today's and tomorrow's systems hit.  Avoiding the worst impacts requires identifying where those worst impacts fall. And when we examine those impacts, we see that they are not distributed equally across society. The mission to address the uneven distribution of energy and climate impacts is the mission of energy justice.  

This page contains suggested reading to help you better understand the concept of energy justice, get to know some of the major practitioners and issues in this space, and begin to help dismantle the policies and business-as-usual practices that perpetuate unequal sharing of energy services and inequitable harms from energy policy and infrastructure.

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