Undergraduate Energy Courses

Incorporate energy and society courses into your Dartmouth education no matter what your major or career goals. The Irving Institute has identified several dozen courses at the College that can help you build your own pathway to a deeper understanding of energy and society.

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Step One

Establish a foundation in energy and society. Gain historical context and get introduced to major sources and uses of energy. Learn the critical issues and pressing challenges in today's sociotechnical energy systems. Begin to develop a multidisciplinary knowledge base. 

Explore energy in context

Step Two

Investigate energy issues in different geographies and from different disciplinary perspectives.

Deepen your understanding of energy's roles in society and opportunities to transition to more environmentally and socially sustainable systems. Whether within or outside of your major, these courses will expand your knowledge of what energy and society systems are and how they work, and build your capacity to assess energy's impact on social and environmental dynamics, and vice versa.

Explore energy-related courses in categories such as Policy, Economy, and Culture; Environment and Climate; and Engineering and Technology to widen your understanding of energy in a range of contexts. 

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