Energy, Disaster & Resilience Workshop — April 24-26

How do we create a resilient energy system in a world of rapidly shifting risks, political turmoil, and complex laws and institutions?


Energy infrastructure devastation through storms, floods, winds, fires, and other forces affect millions of people each year and requires creative new approaches to protect public health, the environment, and well-being. From multi-day power outages in New England to the destruction of the entire electric system in Puerto Rico, to sustained energy shortages in many countries, there is a renewed awareness of system vulnerabilities and needs in the face of rapidly changing climate and extreme weather events.

For two days, we engaged academics, practitioners, policy makers, and students to explore and better understand the changing dimensions of risk facing energy systems, management during a crisis, and,

most importantly, opportunities for action. 
It was our intention to help shape initial funding opportunities, programming, and research for the newly created Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society.

We're excited to share our EDR Workshop Website with the 'harvest' from the gathering, complete with photos, graphics, and outcomes of our conversations & action planning session!


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