Ryan Proulx '25: MASSPIRG

How did you get that internship?

MASSPIRG Policy Internship, Summer 2022


Ryan Proulx headshot

Major: Energy Engineering
Hometown: Ledyard, CT

What was the company/group you interned for?
I was a policy intern for the environmental advocacy group MASSPIRG. 

How did you find your internship?
I started the internship search process by orienting myself with the Center for Professional Development (CPD). They helped me develop a resume, cover letter, and provided advice on how to reach employers on LinkedIn. I then looked for an environmental/energy policy internship on LinkedIn, Indeed, and Handshake among others. After two rounds of interviews with the folks at MASSPIRG, I joined the team for the summer. 

What new skills/major takeaways are you walking away with? 
I developed my perspective on conducting research. Throughout the summer, I worked towards publishing a zero waste policy report with MASSPIRG. Unsure how to approach zero waste ban analysis, I discovered I learned as much from my colleagues' critiques of my ban enforcement recommendations and conversations with zero waste experts, as I did from immersing myself in government documents. I found it's important to listen better to especially those you disagree with. 

What advice would you give other students looking for a similar internship?
Definitely meet with the CPD because they make the process less intimidating. After that, just go for it! We learn best by doing.