Energy 101

About Energy 101

Worried about climate change?  Want to do something about it?  Learn the basics about the energy systems that contribute to climate problems AND solutions.

The Irving Institute's winter term Energy 101 is a four-week introduction to everything energy:  how it is connected to everything in our lives, how people use it differently all around the world, and how we can transform our relationship with it to transition to more sustainable and just energy systems.

This free course is open to members of the Dartmouth community who have little to no experience with energy and want to learn the basics. Preference will be given to undergraduate students and others will be admitted as space allows. 


Winter '22 Content Overview

Week One: In our first session, we'll discuss the ways that energy impacts our lives and explore questions such as: How does that impact differ across the globe? What is the connection between climate and energy? What are our biggest energy challenges? What do we mean when we talk about energy transitions? How do we see social inequity manifesting in our energy systems? 

Week One Videos

Week Two: This week, we'll meet the exciting and very useful Sankey energy flow chart; explore the complex technical and social aspects of energy systems; and learn how our use of various fuels is evolving over time. 

Week Two Videos

Week Three: In our third session, we'll look at the electricity grid and focus on the role energy plays in the transportation sector and the built environment. 

Week Three

Week Four: For our final discussion, we'll take a look at the energy road ahead — innovation in addressing climate challenges,  financing for the clean energy transition, and the energy policy changes that are necessary to make the transition possible.

Week Four Videos

BONUS! Week Five: A hands-on solar workshop will be scheduled when we are able to gather in person!