Complete List of Student Grant Projects and Activities

Social and Environmental Justice Grants

Nadine Lorini Formiga '25: Philosophical Inquiry on Indigenous Epistemologies and Environmental Justice (Research project)
Katherine Glance '23: Climate Change as a Social Justice Issue: Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the Maori (New Zealand) (Research project)

These grants are part of a collaboration with the Dartmouth Department of Philosophy. Learn more about this partnership.

Winter 2022/23

Alyssa Pantaleo, Thayer PhD student: Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (Conference)

Tejaswini Chatty, Thayer PhD student: Greenbiz '23 (Conference)

Adriana Patricia Fajardo Mazorra, MALS
The Role of Justice in Wind Energy Development in Indigenous Wayúu Territory - Colombia (Research project)

Solange Acosta-Rodriguez '24: Mapuche Epistemologies and Energy Justice: Creating Transnational Understanding and Reimagining Our Energy Future (Research project)

Fall 2022

Ganqi (Thomas) Li '25: Climate Action or Greenwashing? Corporate Demand for Voluntary Carbon Offsets  (Research project)

Sarah Hutchinson '22: Developing a Sustainable, Affordable Hybrid Renewable Energy System in Siorapaluk, Greenland (Research project)

Summer 2022

Sarah Adams '23: Clean Energy Fellow for Sunrise Mountain Partners (internship)

Alexandra Conway Geisel '25 and Kari Smolen Geisel '25: Virtual Conferencing Emissions Calculator (Research project)

Spring 2022

Mothibi Penn-Kekana '22: Accounting for Carbon within the ESG framework (research project)

Liam Kirkpatrick '22: Extending Denali Ice Core Record of Snow Accumulation (research project)

Dominic Carrese TH'23: Exploring the Importance and Design of Intrinsically Valuable Electric Power Systems (research project)

Fall 2021

Kieran Ahern'22: Thermal Generation Downscaling (research project)

Allister Azagidi '22: Assessing Distributional Inequities Related to Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Industrial Facilities in the US (research project)

Gavin Fry '25: Improving Wintertime Energy Demand Predictions for the Texas Grid (research project)

Anoush Khan '21: Hybrid Machine-learning and Spatial Planning Approach to Inform Renewable Deployment in Net-zero Energy System Transitions (research project)

Yiwen Zhang TH'22: Presented a paper titled, "Ultra-low Temperature Li Metal Batteries Enabled by Highly Resilient Solid-electrolyte Interphase." at the MRS (Materials Research Society) 2021 Fall Meeting & Exhibit (conference) 

Summer 2021

Jonah Kahl '22
Solaflect Energy (Internship)

Chelsea Moore '22
Solaflect (Internship)

Evan Bass '24
"Just Transitions in Sustainable Energy" (Research Project) 

Harrison Sholler '24
Green Energy Times (Internship) 

Abigail Wiseman '22
Sustainable Hanover Committee (Internship) 

Ellery Curtis '22
Massachusetts Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (internship)

Spring 2021

Posie Holmes TU'21
Ceres 2021 Conference 

Ashley Brown '22
SimaPro User certificate Courses (for Life Cycle Assessment methodology) 

Veronica Yarovinsky '24, Ethan Aulwes '22 , Noah Daniel '22, Isaac Hanover '22. Abigail Brazil '21
Sustainable Engineering Alternatives to Solid Fuel Cooking for Ugandan Schools (Research Project)

Winter 2020

Prabhat Hegde TH'24
Funding for course at the Technical University of Denmark 

Benjamin Schelling '21
Estimating GHG Emissions form Small-scale Fisheries (Research project)

Santiago Zamora -Castillo '21, Eric Chen '21, Emily Martinez '21, and Michelle Wang '21
Assessing the Theoretical Implementation of a 60MW OTEC Plant (Research project)

Eva Greene TU'22
Carbon Neutrality in Colombian Avocado Farming (Research project)

Samuel Lefkofsky '21
Support for an internship with the New Hampshire Electric Coop 

Fall 2020

Sathvik Namburar Geisel '22
Estimating the Environmental Impact of Gastrointestinal Procedures 

Allan Rubio '23
Internship with CANCAN 

Summer 2020

Georganna Benedetto GR'24
Green Chemistry for Energy Solutions: Outreach Project

Emma Doherty '21
Prefabricated Facade Panels for Deep Energy Retrofits in the Northeastern United States 

John Ejiogu '24 
Understanding the Dynamics of Energy Generation and Dissemination in Nigeria 

Wanjiru Gachuhi (TH'20, '21) 
PVOL101: Solar Training - Solar Electric Design and Installation (Grid-Direct) Online Course

Sophia Greszczuk '22 
Solarization and Insulation of DOC Cabins Project

Julia Huddy GR'24 & Andrew Hamlin GR'24 
Exploring Solar Energy in the Classroom 

Alana Macken '23
Examining the Energy Grid in High-Fire Risk Communities 

Kristin Ng TU'21
Summer Strategy Associate at New Age Meats Internship

Nathaniel Roe '23
Solar Strategy Intern for Solaflect Energy

Hunter Snyder GR'21 
Thematic Study on Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Small-Scale Fisheries 

Suraj Srivats '22 
Analyzing the Impact and Efficacy of Executive Education in Energy and Climate Change on Decision Making

Michelle Wang '21 
Solar Stewards Internship 

Spring 2020

Sanchari Ghosh TH'20
Research Into the Energy Requirements of Co-treatment

Winter 2019

Emma Bushman '21 
Funding to participate in an internship at the Clean Air Task Force in Boston 

Julia Snodgrass '21
Support to attend the International Association of Energy Economics (IAEE) Conference in New Zealand 

Kevin Yang '20
Exploring the Structural Capacities of Mycelium as a Novel Building and Insulative Material
Hayley Richards '20
Internship to Conduct Research and Development of a Wearable Biomechanical Energy Harvesting Device

Richard Basak '20
WindEurope Offshore 2019 Conference in Denmark 

Fall 2019

Andrew Hamlin, TH'24 and Julia Huddy, TH '24
Support to attend the Electrochemical Society Conference in Atlanta, GA 

Summer 2019

Katherine Anderson, GR, Earth Sciences
Support to travel to Alaska's Denali National Park with a team drilling core ice to investigate changing snowpack and its implications for hydroelectric development in the state. 

Billy Braasch, PhD, Physics and Astronomy
Support to attend the Santa Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer School where he delved into issues related to socio-technological networks that are power grids. 

Abigail Brazil '21, Mallory Byrd '19, Thayer '20, Marisa Magsarili '19, Ben Saccone '20, and Kevin Yang '20
Support to participate in installation of a micro-hydroelectric generator for the Inian Islands Institute in Alaska 

Alexandra Stankard '20 
Support to travel to the UK to conduct research with the British Antarctic Survey on her project, CO2 Absorption in the Arctic and Antarctic 

Winter 2018

Zachary Berzolla, Thayer '19: Support for a mini-internship with Vermont-based Zero Energy Modular builder VerMod to create a document and 3D models to introduce the ideas and benefits of Zero Energy Modular buildings to encourage faster adoption of this type of building 

Jordan Swett '19: Support to attend two global energy conferences 

Spring 2018

Shannon Sartain '20: Support to travel to the Google Earth Engine User Summit in Dublin, Ireland