A Photographic Exploration of Energy

Project Team

Eli Burakian, Dartmouth College Photographer

Project Description

A Photographic Exploration of Energy

Although data, science and technology are key to addressing the issues related to energy, we must appeal to our emotions to make us care. Over the course of human history, art has been one constant that has enabled us to make the connection from understanding to caring to taking action. 

Over the course of a year I will use photography to examine key issues about energy such as how local communities are addressing energy challenges and how climate change affects us locally and worldwide. I will use photography to make abstract ideas, such as energy density, tangible and I will look at the importance of context and tradeoffs in regards to our changing energy infrastructure. 

My goal is to address these issues in ways where people can connect, engage, and take action. The end product will be a book, talk and exhibition of the photographs from the year. 

Finally, over the course of the project I will document my experience of using art to tell this story, and create a template to help other artists to think through these issues and possibly work with the Institute in the future.