High Performance Nickel-Iron (NiFe) Permanent magnetics for Electric Motors and Turbines

PI:  Professor Ian Baker, Thayer School of Engineering

January 2019 Award Recipient

Project Abstract

This project is aiming to establish a low-cost method to produce L1o - structured NiFe, which has magnetic properties comparable to the best rare earth (RE) magnets. Replacing the latter in electric motors in electric/hybrid cars and wind turbines will not only lead to large cost reductions, and hence greater adoption of these technologies with associated energy reductions, but the reduction in RE metal production will also lead to substantial environmental benefits and reduction in energy usage in their production.

The novel approaches used to produce L1o NiFe include: the incorporation of a supersaturation of vacancies; electropulse annealing; high magnetic field processing; and recrystallization annealing after high pressure torsion processing. The work will be performed by the PI and a PhD exchange student in collaboration with leading researchers in France, the USA and Romania. In addition, a student will develop a cost-performance model for the material and perform a market analysis.