Institute Senior Fellow Liana Frey Launches "Dare to Green" Podcast on Business and Sustainability

How do business leaders incorporate sustainability into their business strategy? How did economic innovation for vaccine markets lead to a financial market innovation that has helped grow carbon removal markets?  What are the biggest challenges for business leaders addressing climate? These and many other questions are front of mind for Irving Institute Senior Fellow and program director of the Greenshot Climate Solutions Accelerator Liana Frey '92, TU'98 as she talks with guests like Dartmouth economist Chris Snyder, Stripe Head of Climate Nan Ransohoff, and McKinsey Global Institute partner Mekela Krishnan on her new podcast, Dare to Green. 

Frey has deep roots in the business and sustainability space, having worked with many sustainable start-ups through work with Greentown Labs, Techstars, and other accelerators. She was also on the original team of and served as the general manager of Dell's ecommerce channel and spearheaded digital innovation globally. In addition to leading Greenshot, she also teaches sustainable marketing at the Tuck School of Business. 

Frey says that her decision to start the podcast grew out of the "incredible conversations with business people doing great work in the climate field. I wanted to let others benefit from the access that I have to leading climate venture capitalists, climate entrepreneurs, and corporate sustainability leaders. By hosting experts and leaders in this space on a podcast, she says, she is able to "showcase the positive impact that businesses can have on the road to net zero and inspire more business leaders to have a greater impact." For example, she points to episode four of Dare to Green, which explores sustainability at sporting events. "My hope," she says, is that by showcasing the work that the Austin FC (Football Club) has done partnering with the city of Austin and the difference that they made together, it might inspire more private and public partnerships to help make our communities more sustainable."

Looking ahead to future episodes, Frey says that she will continue to dive into a specific topic with an expert. In identifying future guests or topics, she says she tries to "shine a light on stories that haven't gotten a lot of media attention to date."  She just finished recording an episode on decarbonization of the heavy industrial sector.  She also plans to explore the role that business can play in climate adaptation.  

You can listen to Liana Frey's podcast, Dare to Green, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Pandora, or via the Dare to Green website.