Dartmouth Scientist Advocates for Climate Accountability in Vermont Legislation

Vermont Public discusses a hearing in Montpelier where Dartmouth Associate Professor of Geography Justin Mankin testified before Vermont House lawmakers.

Mankin, whose research focuses on climate attribution, presented evidence linking individual fossil fuel companies to specific climate damages. This testimony supports the proposed Climate Superfund Act, or S.259, which aims to make large oil companies financially accountable for the climate change impacts they've caused, particularly in Vermont.

Mankin's contributions underline the scientific basis for the legislation, emphasizing the detectable and measurable harm caused by these companies' emissions. The bill, inspired by the federal superfund program, seeks to distribute the financial burdens of climate change from state taxpayers to the responsible corporations. As Vermont contends with costly climate-related disasters like the July flooding, the testimony from Dartmouth's Mankin lends crucial support to the state's efforts to pursue environmental justice and fiscal responsibility.

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