Introducing TuckLAB: Energy

In 2019, a bold new partnership between Tuck and Dartmouth was brought to life with TuckLAB, a program for Dartmouth undergraduates that provides opportunities for students to learn essential business skills, explore career paths, and gain hands-on experience. The first iteration, which will continue as TuckLAB: Entrepreneurship, is a partnership between Tuck and Dartmouth's Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship that provides undergraduates with general business analytic and communication skills, as well as an understanding of the core concepts and practices of entrepreneurship.  

Fall 2022 will mark an exciting new chapter of TuckLAB as it expands to include an electrifying new program, TuckLAB: Energy.

The ways societies generate, distribute, and use energy are transforming due to changing climate, the rise of affordable low carbon technologies, and growing recognition of significant inequities within our energy infrastructure. Governments, businesses, and communities worldwide need professionals who understand the pervasive nature of energy in modern life and who are equipped to address it in any position or organization. 

Enter TuckLAB: Energy, a collaboration between Tuck undergraduate programs, Tuck's Revers Center for Energy, Sustainability and Innovation, and Dartmouth's Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society.

The new program, which is generously underwritten by the Revers Center and Irving Institute, offers a multidisciplinary, interactive introduction to the complex landscape of energy systems, helping students build their capacity to manage and lead energy transitions across all sectors of society. TuckLAB: Energy is a six-week program taught by leading faculty and practitioners in energy, society, business, and sustainability. The curriculum will give students an orientation to current trends in energy—including policy, technology, professional leadership, and more—as well as energy-related career options. 

Students will attend classes in the new home for the Irving Institute—a vibrant hub situated between the Tuck School of Business and the Thayer School of Engineering. Sessions will include interactive lecture-discussions to introduce students to a range of perspectives that are critical to grappling with real-world energy and climate challenges. Plus, a hands-on technology build, a half-day climate change policy simulation, communications training, fireside chats with experts from the field, and a panel of young professionals in energy, climate, and innovation.

The first edition of TuckLAB: Energy will take place September 24–October 30, 2022. Applications are now open, and all interested Dartmouth undergraduates are encouraged to apply by May 9.

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