Meet the New Energy Club on Campus: The Dartmouth Energy Alliance

In fall 2019, the Dartmouth Energy Alliance (DEA) was recognized as an official Dartmouth student organization. The three leaders of the 2019-2020 academic year (Caroline Goggins '20, Joe Hall '20, and Max Holden '22) picked up from work done last spring and over the summer and have shaped the club to fit what they believe the Dartmouth undergraduate student body needs in terms of the field of energy. 

Caroline Goggins '20, who is working towards a B.E. modified in environmental science, says that she envisions the DEA as a space where people with diverse perspectives can come together in the name of a common interest: energy issues. The club was created in response to the lack of undergraduate spaces to discuss energy issues and network with other people who are also interested in energy through different lens. The Irving Institute, though separate from the DEA, will help provide resources for the club in the form of funding, organizational help, and event and project ideas.

For the rest of the year, the DEA will hold bi-weekly meetings on Wednesdays in the Collis Center, providing a non-academic setting to discuss articles and energy issues. In the upcoming terms, the club will work with Tuck and Thayer to host an open mixer to network with a diverse group of people working in the energy sector. Goggins also wants the club to have a career panel with speakers the club votes for as well as a tour of a local highly energy efficient home to see what technologies are being used in our very own area. 

To get involved with the DEA, send an email to one of the leaders to be added to their Listserv or Groupme. 

Jennifer Chen '23 is a 2019-20 Irving Institute communications intern.