In the News: "Dartmouth Committed to Getting Energy System Right"

Dartmouth's Sustainability Director Rosi Kerr writes a Valley News column on the progress and decision-making process for overhauling Dartmouth's energy system. "The question before us is, how will we replace that heating capacity with something better?" writes Kerr. The answer is complex, particularly for an organization like Dartmouth, with many stakeholders and critical operations that cannot be compromised. "Environmental sustainability often requires making hard decisions about resources and choosing between unequal options." Kerr provides an overview of the steps in the College's process and the costs and benefits of the different options on the table. While time is of the essence with the urgency of the climate crisis in sharp relief, it is necessary for the College to make a deeply informed, careful decision on its next steps. Getting to a final decision, writes Kerr, is "a process of collaborating with the town of Hanover, bringing intelligence and humility to the table, listening, and building our actions on sound science. We are working hard and in good faith." 

Read the full piece on the Valley News website.