Energy Humanities: Symposium, Keynote, and Dance Party

The Irving Institute's commitment to interdisciplinarity led to a partnership with Assistant Professor of English Alysia Garrison to host the October 30 Energy Humanities: New Directions and Critiques symposium, keynote address by ecological philosopher Tim Morton, and post-symposium DJ Dance Party.

The symposium, a day-long event featuring invited scholars from across the US, Germany, and Amsterdam, examined energy and energy transitions through the lenses of critical theory, history, and literature.

Tim Morton's public keynote address at the Hopkins Center for the Arts' Top of the Hop drew a large crowd. The talk, titled "Slaves to the Rhythms," which touched on a range of subjects from pop music to quantum theory to Star Wars, explored the ways in which the humanities can help create a more ecologically sustainable, equitable future.

The evening was capped off with an 'after-dark environmental energy soundscape' delivered by DJs Diallo Riddle, T Tauri, and Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky). The event gave attendees a chance to embody the rhythms and energy flows that had dominated the day's conversations -- and enjoy some great music. Learn more about the event here