Public Forum to Discuss Potential Green Energy Plant Sites

The informational forum is set for May 22.

Dartmouth officials will discuss potential sites for a proposed biomass plant at a public forum set for May 22. The forum will be held at 6:30 p.m. in Moore Hall’s Filene Auditorium.

The proposed plant is part of the Dartmouth Green Energy Project, a $200 million-plus initiative to build a biomass heating facility and hot water transmission system that would replace the College’s existing central heating system and mark a major step toward achieving the institution’s sustainability goals.

Dartmouth would work with a private firm to design, finance, build, operate, and maintain the energy project, which is expected to be in operation in 2025 after two years of construction. The system would change how heat is produced and delivered on campus, transitioning the College from steam heat to hot-water heat, which College planners say would improve heating efficiency by 20 percent.

The biomass plant would be powered by low-grade residue from logging and sustainable forestry operations, with the option to use other biofuels on days of high-energy demand.

Working with a private company would allow the College to take advantage of the resources and expertise in the energy industry, enabling the institution to focus on its core educational mission. Dartmouth would pay the company to finance, build, and run the green energy system for 30 years.