Energy Immersion Trips

The Energy Immersion Trips program is sponsored by IIES and the Sustainability Office and provides students in-depth opportunities to examine energy systems from a variety of different perspectives and to explore future pathways through break trips to different regions of the U.S. Students examine first-hand the intersections of natural resource extraction, policy, economics, health, geography, and culture and meet with energy company executives and employees, landowners, decision makers, community organizers, local utilities, watch dog groups, environmental and social justice activists and leaders in the extraction industry. Throughout the trips, students gain skills in problem assessment, creating dialogue across difference, and reflection.

“We often talk in the energy system about local costs and national benefits, but when you see it on the ground, that’s important. It comes down to respect,” says Elizabeth Wilson, director of the Irving Institute. “Letting students learn how people make their choices, how they live, and what their values are—that’s important to understanding how our policies and technologies affect lives.”

2018-2019 Energy Immersion Trips

SPRING BREAK 2019 TRIP OVERVIEW: Appalachia Fact Sheet 2019

(MARCH 14 - MARCH 24)

The Sustainability Office and Irving Institute for Energy & Society are seeking applicants for our next Energy Immersion trip to Appalachia over Spring Break. This trip looks at the impacts of energy extraction in this region and explores the intersection between energy, health, culture, and economics. It is a powerful and impactful trip. You can read more about last year’s trip to Appalachia in this article from Dartmouth News. Additionally, last year’s students created a blog about their experiences here. 

Apply to the Spring Break 2019 Immersion Trip here.  Deadline to apply is December 30th!

More information coming soon about 2019 Summer trip!