New Course for Spring Term 2021: ANTH 50.38 Social Lives of Energy

ANTH 50.38 Social Lives of Energy 
K Slot, Spring Term
Dr. Sarah Kelly

Course information: 

In this course, we will analyze the cultures of energy systems, focusing on clean energy sources. Using a global case study approach, we will examine how energy systems impact historical, cultural, and political dimensions of life.  Overall, students will integrate how energy systems relate to social equity and climate change politics. One main theme in the course will be energy conflicts involving Indigenous peoples. Drawing from multimedia sources, capsules with invited speakers, and selected ethnographic texts and academic articles, we will creatively explore how energy technologies hold significant influence over different realms of our lives.  Across energy systems, we will ask the following questions: Who are the energy users? What are their social positions and values? Who is consulted during the process of implementation, and how is the energy supply organized?