Request for Proposals: Investing in Our Energy Futures

The Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society aspires to be the world’s premier institute for transforming humankind’s understanding of energy issues, and driving the creation of ideas, technologies, and policies that improve the availability and efficient use of energy for all people.

The Institute is designed to be a hub of vibrant collaboration that engages faculty, students, staff and external experts worldwide across all disciplines, and that prepares the next generation of leaders who will address the most pressing energy challenges


The Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society seeks proposals for research and education on the energy challenges faced by society – and the societal challenges posed by energy.  This broad call for proposals welcomes diverse energy and society projects from all disciplines.  Within that breadth we encourage applicants to consider our 2019-2020 theme: “Investing in Our Energy Futures.”  The theme highlights the multitude of interlocking needs for investments in society’s energy transitions (financial and technical, personnel and personal)  and invites critical reflections on the social implications of our individual and collective energy choices. We hypothesize that investing in  more sustainable, equitable and resilient energy futures requires financial and technical resources as well as  critical co-investments in policy, culture, values and imagination.  We are also keen to encourage meaningful collaborations across disciplines and encourage proposals that integrate across two or more disciplines, especially those outside the traditional areas touching on energy.

Pre-proposals are due March 15th.

Read the full IIES Spring 2019 RFP!

Abstracts of project funded in the Institute’s fall 2018 RFP may be found at



We welcome proposals from all Dartmouth faculty, of any rank, and from Dartmouth staff and post-docs.  Principal investigators (PI) should indicate whether they are considering the inclusion of collaborators from outside Dartmouth in the pre-proposal (note that outside collaborators are not eligible to receive funding).  Post-doc proposals must include a letter of support from a faculty mentor.  Preference will be given to multidisciplinary, multi-departmental team proposals.  The total award pool is approximately $250,000.  Anticipated Award Levels are:

  • Faculty and staff awards: up to $50,000
  • Post-doc awards:  up to $25,000


  • February 21, 2019, 11:30 amInformation session to discuss RFP opportunity
  • March 15, 2019: Pre-proposals due, 5:00 pm
  • April 5, 2019: Selected pre-proposals invited to submit full proposal
  • May 3, 2019:  Full proposals due, 5:00 pm
  • Week of June 10, 2019:  Awards announced
  • July-September, 2019:  Initiate project funding



IIES is pleased to announce its second request for proposals (RFP) to support collaborative, innovative research, education, and engagement projects that advance the understanding of and action at the interfaces of energy and society.  This announcement also begins what will be an annual cycle in the Spring to seek out and fund innovative, interdisciplinary efforts that will advance the Institute’s mission and seed opportunities for additional funding, scholarship and pedagogy.  To IIES, “society” includes all dimensions of the human enterprise:  business, economic and technological; political, legal, and regulatory; cultural, artistic, and ethical; and behavioral, values, and imagination.  We seek to foster and enable “engaged scholarship and pedagogy” to help society guide its use of energy sustainably and equitably.

The IIES Spring 2019 announcement encourages projects that initiate or advance novel or difficult-to-fund lines of inquiry; that incorporate technological and social dimensions of energy systems into both classroom and experiential education; that serve as pilot projects for future federal, state or foundation funding; and that deploy new community partnerships.  We encourage creative ideas, new applications, and novel combinations of perspectives and methods.  We encourage teams to bring fresh eyes to enduring questions and to rigorously test emerging hypotheses.  We encourage advances in artistic expression, in policy formulation and implementation, in technological development, and in business practices.

Our theme “Investing in Our Energy Futures” seeks to highlight the complex nature and needs of socio-technical energy systems.   To bring the benefits of the current energy (r)evolution to all sectors of society is truly a multidimensional, interdisciplinary and inter-institutional endeavor.  For example, how can policy incent and support adoption of new opportunities?  What cultural values are at play as we seek to expand sustainable, just access to energy services?  What levers can be used to adjust cost/opportunity ratios for businesses and investors? How does society join a conversation about distributing risks across those best positioned to take them and those most vulnerable to their effects?  There is a wealth of evidence that simple siloed approaches will yield results that are far short of the potential offered by an integrated approach that marries culture, technology, investment, finance, values and other critical factors.  We encourage proposals that take risks, think big and challenge traditional ways of thinking and modes of inquiry.

Read the full IIES Spring 2019 RFP!