Funded Projects

The Irving Institute will issue a call for proposals to the Dartmouth community each academic year.  Through a competitive process and with the expertise of energy faculty at Dartmouth and several other institutions, certain projects will be selected for funding. These one-year projects seed new research in a wide array of energy and society topic areas, including the transformation of community energy systems in New Hampshire and Greenland and novel technologies to enable more efficient motors and catalysts. Read more about recently funded projects below. 

Constructing Effective Demand Response Programs in New Hampshire's Electric Market

Junyang Cui '21 and Harish Tekriwal '21 are using their internship experiences at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to investigate the current state of demand response (DR) programs in New Hampshire. They will work with various stakeholders and use market data to construct ways of improving DR structures and make recommendations for the NH Public Utilities Commission.

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Led by PI Mary Lou Aleskie, the Hopkins Center for the Arts is building a coalition to organize Convergence, an art-based symposium that attempts to bridge the gap between science and art. With a topic as well-proven as climate crisis, more data will not win hearts and minds; experiences will. With this in mind, this symposium experiments with new models of togetherness and strategies that help us viscerally understand our entanglement and agency in the face of the world’s energy crisis.

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Developing Dartmouth General Chemistry Curriculum toward Energy and the Environment

A working knowledge of fundamental chemical principles must underlie any serious consideration of energy use and development, anthropogenic forcing of the climate, and future solutions to the changing climate.  Anita Prasad and team will alter the General Chemistry education at Dartmouth to help strengthen the connections between the foundational knowledge of general chemistry and the most pressing, complicated challenges of our time, empowering rigorous, thoughful leaders. 

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Sustainable Energy for Remote & Underserved Communities

Upon the invitation of citizens of Greenland, this stakeholder-driven pilot project led by Professor Mary Albert is partnering with the citizens of Qaanaaq to identify and articulate their needs and future energy goals, gather data, and identify potential renewable energy sources, energy conservation measures, and attitudes toward current energy policy in North Greenland.

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