2020 Energy Seminars

Winter 2020

January 9: Dartmouth's Energy System with Rosi Kerr
January 23: High Perfromance Nickel-Iron (NiFe) Permanent Magnets for Electric Motors and Turbines with Professor Ian Baker
Janbuary 30: Energy and Society in Northern Greenland with Professor Mary Albert
February 13: Hawaii Energy Landscape: Examining the Transition to 100% Renewably Sources Energy by 2045 with Tuck Students
February 20: Student Experiential Learning and Research World Cafe
March 5: Analysis of Energy and Indigenous Environmental Studies in the Americas with Professor Laura Ogden

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Spring 2020

April 21: Earth 2020 with Elizabeth Wilson
May 5: Near-Term Dislocations and Longer Term Challenges of Energy Procurement with Darren Peers '96, TU'01
May 19: Research with Impact —Dartmouth's Role in Advancing New Hampshire's Clean Energy Future with Professor Amro Farid and April Salas, Director, Revers Center for Energy at Tuck
June 2: The Health Impacts of Air Pollution with Laura Paulin

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Summer 2020

June 30: Modern Environmental Politics: Big Data, Behavioral Science, and Why Voting is Everything with Nathaniel Stinnett
July 14: Energy Stimulus: Investing in the Electric Power Grid of the Future
July 28: Clean Energy Transition: What We've Learned from Partnering with Caribbean Islands to Develop Inclusive Approaches that Accelerate Progress

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Fall 2020

September 15: Covering Climate Change on the Campaign Trail with Annie Ropeik
September 29: What Psychology and Behavioral Science Tell Us About Improving Climate and Energy Communications with Wändi Bruine de Bruin
October 13: Diversifying Power: Why We Need Antiracist, Feminist Leadership on Climate and Energy with Jennie Stephens
October 27: Short Circuiting Policy: Interest Groups and the Battle Over Clean Energy and Climate Policy in the American States with Leah Stokes

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