On-Campus DEC Events

The Dartmouth Energy Collaborative hosts events and learning opportunities throughout the academic year, including Thursday lunch seminars twice a month.

Most DEC events are open to Dartmouth students, faculty and staff, as well as the general public.

All upcoming event dates are listed below. 


2017-2018 Events

Winter 2018

01/11/2018: "Building as a Research Tool" - DEC Lunch with the architects

01/25/2018: "Energy Extraction in the Arctic" - DEC Lunch by Anne Hansen

02/08/2018: "Re-Envisioning the Car of the Future" - DEC Lunch by Tuck's Energy Case Competition Team

02/22/2018: "Libraries & the Available Energy Resources" - DEC Lunch by Karen Sluzenski

03/22/2018: "Energy Conversations & Updates from the Irving Institute" - DEC Lunch by Elizabeth Wilson

Spring 2018

04/05/2018: "The Dartmouth Energy System: An Opportunity for Hot Projects!" - DEC Lunch by Rosi Kerr

04/19/2018: "District Energy at Dartmouth - and in the Ivy League" - DEC Lunch by Daniel Moller Sneum

04/24/2018: "Multi-Level Architectures of Energy Resilience" - Public Talk by Lorenzo Kristov

04/26/2018: "Energy, Disaster & Resilience" - Panel Discussion by Amro Farid, Alexandra Klass & Anthony Giacomoni

05/10/2018: "Student Reflections: Dartmouth's Energy Immersion Trip to Appalachia" - DEC Lunch by Students on trip

05/17/2018: "Field Experiments in Residential Energy Conservation" - DEC Lunch by Praveen Kopalle

05/31/2018: "Energy Innovation in Emerging Economies" - DEC Lunch by April Salas