Energy Currents

Open to Dartmouth College Undergraduate Students

A new, not-for-credit offering from the Irving Institute

Are you curious about the role energy plays in the global effort to avoid the worst impacts of climate change? Have you heard phrases like "the energy transition," "carbon budget," or "energy justice," mentioned in news stories and wondered just what was meant? Do you want to know more about energy and climate when you are voting or thinking about your future? Energy Currents is for you! 

Geared toward Dartmouth undergraduate students with little to no background in energy, Energy Currents is an open conversation space to discuss and analyze current energy and climate news.  The Irving Institute for Energy and Society will run these discussions over five weeks in winter term, where there are no dumb questions.   

You'll come to each session having read a short article or two around a current event that connects to energy and climate. We'll share our perspectives and learn from Dartmouth energy and climate experts, gaining insight into the complexity of these issues and becoming better prepared to make informed decisions and make more sense of emerging policies like the Inflation Reduction Act and stories in the news like rising gas prices, the war in Ukraine, and COP27. 

(Plus, we'll have pizza!)

No energy background is required —just bring your questions and your curiosity! And it's ok if you don't attend all the sessions — come to as many or as few as works for you!