Russia Energy/Government Foreign Study Program

About the Program

The Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society and the Dartmouth Government Department are offering a new interdisciplinary program that invites students of Russian language, government, and energy on an adventure across the vast reaches of the world's largest country. Participants get the opportunity to explore Russia's political, social, and economic history, contemporary cultural and political life, and domestic and geopolitical energy and climate dynamics. This program features custom-designed courses with the prestigious Higher School of Economics in Moscow and St. Petersburg and cultural expeditions across seven time zones and 5000+ kilometers along with close engagement with Russian and international students.

Energy students are welcome from any department. The energy curriculum will explore how Russia's tremendous energy resources – it is the world's largest producer of crude oil and second largest producer of natural gas – shape its domestic and geopolitical history and contemporary role in the world, and how the realities of climate change are affecting Russia in the global transition to more sustainable energy futures. Participants will engage deeply with students from Dartmouth and Russia to gain an immersive understanding of energy, climate, and society in this important and fascinating culture.

Government students have the opportunity to learn about Russian domestic politics and Russia in the world first-hand from Russian scholars, in addition to a class offered by a Dartmouth Government professor. Experience Russia's long and complex political history, recent and contemporary governance regimes and discourse, and ground your growing knowledge via experiential learning with your peers throughout the vastness of Russia. 

Learn more about this and other FSPs at Dartmouth at the Guarini Institute for International Education website.