Experiential Learning

Students at the 2018 Gulf Coast immersion trip view a wind power site

Hands-On Learning

Whether traveling to an energy-producing region or country, conducting your own energy and society research, participating in an internship, conference, or other experience, you can find opportunities for hands-on energy learning with the Irving Institute. 

Energy Immersion Trips

Students travel to an energy producing region such as the Gulf Coast or Applalachia to learn more about how energy shapes and is shaped by the people and communities it serves. 

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Russia Energy/Government FSP

Explore Russia's political, social, and economic history, contemporary cultural and political life, and domestic and geopolitical energy and climate dynamics.on an adventure across the vast reaches of the world's largest country. 

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Mini-Grant Program

The Irving Institute offers mini-grants up to $1,000 for enrolled undergraduate and graduate students who are advancing the Institute's mission of transforming humankind's understanding of energy issues. We offer support for energy-related research projects, unpaid internships, conference participation, and training. 

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