Irving Institute Program Strategy

About this Document

Crafting just and rapid energy transitions across the globe is both existentially urgent and enormously challenging. 

The Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society was founded to leverage the distinct strengths of Dartmouth College in response to the existential challenges and tremendous opportunities of transforming energy and society systems. The mission of the Arthur L. Irving  Institute for Energy and Society at Dartmouth College is to advance an affordable,  sustainable, and reliable energy future for the benefit of society. We seek to achieve this mission by developing the next generation of energy experts and leaders and by transforming humankind's understanding of energy systems across technological,  environmental, economic, geopolitical, and cultural perspectives. 

The Institute's programming is designed to tackle these challenges and seize these opportunities head-on through education, research, and engagement. We invite you to read our Program Strategy document, which articulates how we intend to have meaningful impact in these areas, and welcome your feedback

Last updated September 2020